Law Paper III – Dec 2012

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LAW Paper III – Dec 2012

1.   Democracy and Federalism are essential features of our Constitution and basic feature of its structure. This observation was made in S.R. Bommai Vs. Union of India by the Judge.

(A) Justice P.B. Sawant

(B) Justice S.R. Pandyan

(C) Justice J.S. Verma

(D) Justice A.M. Ahmadi

Ans: (A)


2. According to A.V. Dicey in India the ‘Rule of Law’ is embodied in

(A) Article 12 of the Constitution of India

(B) Article 13 of the Constitution of India

(C) Article 14 of the Constitution of India

(D) Article 21 of the Constitution of India

Ans: (C)


3. When the court declared that certain provisions of the Act as invalid, it does not affect the validity of the Act and it remains as it is. The principle is known as :

(A) Doctrine of prospective over ruling.

(B) Doctrine of severability.

(C) Doctrine of pleasure.

(D) Doctrine of Eclipse.

Ans: (B)


4. Assertion (A) : A Bill which contains a taxation clause besides clauses dealing with other matters may also be a Money Bill.

Reason (R) : All Bills dealing with taxes are Money Bills.

Codes :

(A) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).

(B) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).

(C) (A) is false, but (R) is true.

(D) (A) is true, but (R) is false.

Ans: (A)


5. Article 40 of the Constitution of India deals with

(A) Provision for Just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief.

(B) Living wages etc. for workers.

(C) Duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition.

(D) Organisation of Village Panchayats.

Ans: (D)


6. Article 20 and Article 21 has been taken from the purview of Article 359 of the Constitution of India by

(A) 42nd Amendment

(B) 43rd Amendment

(C) 44th Amendment

(D) 59th Amendment

Ans: (C)


7. The Chairperson of Delimitation Commission

(A) Justice Kuldeep Singh

(B) Justice R.S. Sarkaria

(C) Justice R.S. Pathak

(D) Justice S.N. Phukan

Ans: (A)


8. Representation of House of People is based on

(A) Literacy of State

(B) Area of the State

(C) Population

(D) Community

Ans: (C)


9. Find correct answer :

Administrative law is the law relating to the powers and procedures of

(A) The Parliament

(B) The Legislature

(C) The Administrative Authorities

(D) Judiciary

Ans: (C)


10. Find the correct answer :

The principles of natural justice are :

(i) No person can be judge in his own case.

(ii) No person shall be condemned unheard.

Codes :

(A) only (i) is correct.

(B) only (ii) is correct.

(C) (i) and (ii) are correct.

(D) None of the above are correct.

Ans: (C)


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