Law Paper II – Dec 2014

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LAW Paper – II  Dec 2014

1.   Which of the following statements is right ?

(A) Law consist of rules in accordance with reason and nature has formed the basis of imperative law.

(B) Natural law is a type of command.

(C) Law, according to positivist, is made through medium of courts.

(D) Hart talks in terms of conduct supplemented by an attitude of mind to the effect that the conduct in question is obligatory because it is required by rule.

Ans: (D)


2. Right in re aliena means a right over

(A) his own property

(B) a property of someone else

(C) property situated in a foreign country

(D) property situated in one’s own country

Ans: (B)


3. Assertion (A) : A perfect duty is one which a man not merely ought to perform, but may be justly compelled to perform.

Reason (R) : A perfect duty is one which is not merely recognised by law but enforced.

1.    (A) is true, but (R) is false.

2.    (A) is false, but (R) is true.

3.    Both (A) and (R) are true.

4.    Both (A) and (R) are false.

(A) 1 and 2

(B) 2 and 3

(C) 3 alone

(D) 4 alone

Ans: (C)


4. Possession is prima facie evidence of tittle of ownership. Hence –

(A) long adverse possession confers tittle even to a property which originally belonged to another.

(B) in all cases possession leads to ownership.

(C) transfer of possession is not a mode of transferring ownership.

(D) long possession do not confer tittle to the property which originally belonged to government.

Ans: (A)


5. Who among the following said that there is in essence no difference between the legal personality of a company and that of an individual ?

(A) Maitland

(B) Dicey

(C) Gierke

(D) Kelson

Ans: (D)


6. Ownership of Goodwill of a business is

(A) Limited ownership

(B) Corporeal ownership

(C) Incorporeal ownership

(D) Beneficial ownership

Ans: (C)


7. It was remarked in ‘Golaknath Vs. State of Punjab’ that our ‘Preamble to the Constitution contains in a nutshell its ideals and aspirations’ by one of the judges?

(A) Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

(B) Justice K. Subba Rao

(C) Justice A.N. Ray

(D) Justice H.R. Khanna

Ans: (B)


8. Right of eligible employees to be considered for promotion is virtually a part of Fundamental Right of employees, was decided by the Supreme Court in :

(A) Union of India Vs. Hemraj Singh Chauhan

(B) Supreme Court Employees Association Vs. Union of India

(C) John Vallamattam Vs. Union of India

(D) St. Stephens College Vs. University of Delhi

Ans: (A)


9. In Vishram Singh Raghubanshi Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh (AIR2011 SC2275) the court held that :

(A) It is the duty of Superior Courts to protect the reputation of judicial officers of subordinate courts.

(B) Procedure laid down in the appointment of officers of subordinate courts.

(C) Procedure laid down in the salaries and service conditions of the judicial officers of the lower judiciary.

(D) Transfer of the Judges of the High Court.

Ans: (A)


10. In which of these cases, Fundamental Duties are judicially invoked ?

Answer using codes given below :

i.    Prem Prakash Vs. Punjab University

ii.   Suresh Koshy George Vs. University of Kerala

iii.  Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh

iv. Shri Sachidanand Pandey Vs. State of West Bengal

Codes :

(A) i and ii are correct.

(B) ii and iii are correct.

(C) iii and iv are correct.

(D) i, ii, iii and iv are correct.

Ans: (C)


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