Law Paper II – Dec 2012

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LAW Paper – II  Dec 2012

1.   Clause (4) of Article 15 has been added to the Constitution by

(A) The Constitution First Amendment Act.

(B) The Constitution Second Amendment Act

(C) The Constitution Fourth Amendment Act.

(D) The Constitution Sixth Amendment Act.

Ans: (A)


2. The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India as per

(A) Article 40

(B) Article 43

(C) Article 44

(D) Article 48

Ans: (C)


3. In India sovereignty lies with

(A) The Constitution

(B) The Supreme Court

(C) The Parliament

(D) The People

Ans: (D)


4. The Supreme Court of India formulated the doctrine of eclipse in

(A) Bhikaji Narain Dhakras Vs State of M.P.

(B) Bashesharnath Vs Income Tax Commissioner.

(C) State of W.B. Vs Anwar Ali Sarkar

(D) Maneka Gandhi Vs Union of India

Ans: (A)


5. The satisfaction of the President means the satisfaction of the Council of Ministers and not his personal satisfaction, held in

(A) Samsher Singh Vs State of Punjab

(B) U.N. Rao Vs Indira Gandhi

(C) Ram Jawaya Kapoor Vs State of Punjab

(D) Sardar Lal Vs Union Government

Ans: (A)


6. The Concurrent List was described as a ‘Twilight Zone’, as it were for both the Union and the States are competent to legislate in this field without coming in to conflict” is stated by

(A) Basu, D.D.

(B) Dicey, A.V.

(C) Pyle, M.V.

(D) Ambedkar, B.

Ans: (C)


7. Article 360 has been invoked

(A) only one time.

(B) two times.

(C) three times.

(D) never invoked

Ans: (D)


8. “Jurisprudence is concerned primarily with the effects of law upon society and only to a lesser extent with questions about the social determination of law.” Who said it ?

(A) Roscoe Pound

(B) Eugen Ehrlich

(C) Emile Durkheim

(D) Max Weber

Ans: (A)


9. “True law is that which has right reason in agreement with nature” was propagated by

(A) Cicero

(B) Hart

(C) Grotius

(D) Salmond

Ans: (C)


10. Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :

List – I

List – II

I. Privilege

II. Duty

III. Power

IV. Absolute Duty

a. Gives content to the claim of a person

b. Freedom from claim of another

c. Have no correlative claim according to Austin

d. Ability of a person to change legal relations.

Codes :

(A) I-a      II- b     III-d    IV-c

(B) I-b      II-a      III-d    IV-c

(C) I-a      II-b      III-c     IV-d

(D) I-b      II-a      III-c     IV-d

Ans: (B)


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