computersciencepaper II june-2006

UGC NET Previous Year Papers

Computer Science and Applications

Paper II – June-2006

1.   Which of the following strings is in the language defined by grammar S→OA, A→1A/0A/1

(A) 01100         

(B) 00101

(C) 10011         

(D) 11111

Ans: (B)


2. For a complete graph with N vertices, the total number of spanning trees is given by:

(A) 2N-1            

(B) NN-1

(C) NN-2             

(D) 2N+1

Ans: (C)


3. The preposition (p→q) ˄ (~q˅p) is equivalent to:

(A) q→p                        

(B) p→q

(C) (q→p) ˅ (p→q)      

(D) (p→q) ˅ (q→p)

Ans: (C)


4. The logic of pumping lemma is a good example of:

(A) pigeon hole principle                  

(B) recursion

(C) divide and conquer technique  

(D) iteration

Ans: (A)


5.   Let A = {x | -1<x<1} = B. The function (x)=x/2 from A to B is:

(A) injective      

(B) surjective

(C) both injective and surjective

(D) neither injective nor surjective

Ans: (C)


6. The number of 1’s present in the binary representation of (3×512 + 7×64 + 5×8 + 3)10 is:

(A) 8                  

(B) 9

(C) 10                

(D) 11

Ans: (B)


7. Which of the following expression removes static hazard from a two level AND-OR gate implementation of xy+z   \bar{x}/ugc-net-previous-year-papers-computer-science-paper-ii-june-2006

(A)   xy+z   \bar{x}                  

(B)   xy+z\bar{x}+wyz

(C) xy+z\bar{x}+yz

(D) xy+z\bar{x}+wz

Ans: (C)


8. Which of the following logic has the maximum fan out ?

(A) RTL             


(C) NMOS        


Ans: (D)


9. In a weighted code with weight 6, 4, 2 ,-3 the decimal 5 is represented by:

(A) 0101                       

(B) 0111

(C) 1011                       

(D) 1000

Ans: (C)


10. Upto how many variables, can the Karnaugh map be used ?

(A) 3                  

(B) 4

(C) 5                  

(D) 6

Ans: (D)


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