UGC NET Previous Year Papers

Computer Science – Paper II

December 2008

1.   The channel capacity of a band-limited Gaussian channel is given by:

(A)   B    log_2 (2+\frac{S}{N})/ugc-net-previous-year-papers-computer-science-paper-ii-dec-2008      

(B) B  log_2 (1+\frac{S}{N})

(C)   B  log_{{10}} (1+\frac{S}{N})    

(D) B  log_e (1+\frac{S}{N})

Ans: (B)


2. The graph K3,4 has:

(A) 3 edges      

(B) 4 edges

(C) 7 edges      

(D) 12 edges

Ans: (D)


3. The total number of spanning trees that can be drawn using five labeled vertices is:

(A) 125              

(B) 64

(C) 36                

(D) 16

Ans: (A)


4. Extremely low power dissipation and low cost per gate can be achieved in:

(A) MOS ICs    


(C) TTL ICs      


Ans: (B)


5. An example of a universal building block is:

(A) EX-OR gate           

(B) AND gate

(C) OR gate                 

(D) NOR gate

Ans: (D)


6. An example of a layer that is absent in broadcast networks is:

(A) Physical layer       

(B) Presentation layer

(C) Network layer        

(D) Application layer

Ans: (C)


7. The ATM cell is:

(A) 48 bytes long        

(B) 53 bytes long

(C) 64 bytes long        

(D) 69 bytes long

Ans: (B)


8. Four jobs J1, J2, J3 and J4 are waiting to be run. Their expected run times are 9, 6, 3 and 5 respectively. In order to minimize average response time, the jobs should be run in the order:

(A) J1 J2 J3 J4               

(B) J4 J3 J2 J1

(C) J3 J4 J1 J2               

(D) J3 J4 J2 J1

Ans: (D)


9. Suppose it takes 100 ns to access page table and 20 ns to access associative memory. If the average access time is 28 ns, the corresponding hit rate is:

(A) 100 percent                       

(B) 90 percent

(C) 80 percent             

(D) 70 percent

Ans: (B)


10. Transmission of N signals, each band limited to fm Hz by TDM, requires a minimum band-width of:

(A) fm                 

(B) 2 fm              

(C) N fm             

(D) 2N fm

Ans: (C)


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